Shiva | Unfolding The Inner Strength | Movie Review

Shiva Movie Review
Shiva | Unfolding The Inner Strength | Movie Review
  • Movie : Shiva Ek Yuva Yoddha.
  • Genre : Action, Drama.
  • Cast : Siddhant More (Shiva), Tanvi hedge (Ekta Dharatirthi), Yogita Chavan (Meenakshi), Milind Gunaji (Dr. Kale), Sunil Godbole, Kamraj (Lankesha), Prakash Dhotre (Sarjerao Bhosle), Jeet More (Kutty), Yogesh Meher, Meera Joshi, Shobha Dange, Babasaheb Saudagar (Principal).
  • Director : Vijay Shinde.
  • Producer : Sanjay More, V. D. Shankaran, Ganesh Daraak, Kishor Wagh.
  • Story : Dr. Sanjay More.
  • Screenplay & Dialogues : Navnath Pawar.
  • Duration : 2 h 6 m.
  • Rating : 3/5 stars.


Shiva Ek Yuva Yoddha is a Marathi film which released yesterday and people are loving it. Audience is already enjoying the film; now let’s have a look at a brief review from us. Life can be so beautiful but not for everyone. Yes, not all of us get everything served on a silver platter. Everyone goes through their own struggles but there are few people who don’t only fight for themselves but for many things to change. Many of us have to work hard for even the smallest things. Shiva is a story of such a common man. It’s his journey of the struggle for his father’s oath, that one last wish. Shiva is a film which sheds light on many important issues like drugs, system problems, etc.

Shivaji Bhosle aka Shiva (Siddhant More) is a young student and a wrestler from a small village Daregaon. His father Sarjerao Bhosle (Prakash Dhotre) is a farmer and sacrifices his life for the sake of justice for his fellow farmers. After this unfortunate incident Shiva moves to Pune for his education with his mother. While struggling for food and shelter Shiva and his mother meet Dr. Kale (Milind Gunaji). He offers them a place to live and helps Shiva to get a part time job. Simultaneously Shiva continues his studies, in this journey he comes to know there are many things going wrong around which are affecting the youth in a negative way and also there are few problems in the system which are boosting these negative factors.Shiva Movie Review

While all these things are happening Shiva meets Ekta Dharatirthi (Tanvi Hedge) who also is in same class. She has an honest, fearless and dashing personality. There is a slowly blossoming love here, not expressed yet but heartfelt. In all this journey Shiva and Ekta have to face Kutty (Jeet More) the main villain who is a source of many illegal deeds. Now, while fighting for all the justice Shiva and Ekta has to face many things but what next? Will they be successful in establishing the justice? How will they fight all the inequalities? Is there any other side to the story? Will Shiva be able to make everything right? What waits for him? What will happen to their love story? Title suggests Yuva Yoddha, what’s the connection? Well for all this, you will have to watch the movie. Interval has a good hook point and story takes a turn after the interval. Many characters which are shown in the trailer come slowly as the story progresses.

Shiva is a film which is more relatable to the audience group who actually suffers through such problems, who have seen them. The actors have performed their parts well. Shiva has good music and songs. All the songs are penned by Babasaheb Saudagar. ‘Enjoy Karu’ is a dance and item number, this peppy song grabs the more attention. Other than that ‘Saajani’ and ‘Pralay Bhayankar’ are also more interesting songs, which lead the story to move forward. Captain of the ship is director Vijay Shinde. Dr. Sanjay More has written the story and Navnath Pawar has took the responsibility of screenplay and dialogues.

Few issues are often neglected but they need to be solved. Shiva tries to speak about those things. It’s a debut film for the actors Siddhant More, Tanvi Hedge and Yogita Chavan. Shiva is the first film for many team members of it and as for the first attempt it’s pretty good. We wish team Shiva all the best.