Ranjan Movie Review: Ludicrous & Weird

Ranjan Marathi Movie Rating - 1/5

Movie Review: Ranjan
Genre: Romance
Starcast: Yash Kulkarni, Gauri Kulkarni, Pushkar Lonarkar, Bhau Kadam, Bharat Ganeshpure & Vidyadhar Joshi
Director: Prakash Janardan Pawar
Rating: 1/5
Review by: Tejas Marathe & Kalyani Mitragotri

Many filmmakers have tried their hands at love stories in different ways. “Ranjan” explores the love story of school going boy & girl. The love story angle shifts to social aspects of our society. The movie shows the perspective of these kids towards the society.

The film starts with a village backdrop were school children are playing Kho Kho. Pratap (Yash Kulkarni) falls in love with Madhu (Gauri Kulkarni) who is his classmate. There school’s immediate target is to defend the championship in Kho Kho, while they are also responsible for hosting the event. It is through Kho Kho that the interaction of Pratap and Madhu increases and love blossoms between them. Pratap’s friend Raja (Pushkar Lonarkar) gives some gyan on fundamentals of love and convinces Pratap to propose Madhu. Pratap follows his friend’s advice, however Madhu keeps on refraining from giving the answer.


During the Kho Kho match, ‘English medium’ team badmouth about the dilapidated condition of school building. Upset about the comments of ‘English Medium’ students, Madhu asks Pratap to get a new school building built, if he really loves her.

What follows is completely insane stuff, wherein Pratap tries to win her by fulfilling her conditions taking motivation from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj! ‘Ganimi Kawa’ tactics. Will Pratap get successful in winning Madhu? Are there any other challenges waiting for Pratap which will lead him to a different direction altogether?

The only probable highlight from the movie is the song “Lagira Zala Ra” which was shown in the trailer and was quiet appealing. However, “Ranjan” movie once again proves that trailers can be misleading.


Yash Kulkarni comes up as a decent actor and so does Gauri Kulkarni. It is the weak script which doesn’t take them anywhere. The child artist Pushkar Lonarkar has done good acting, looks promising and people like his witty dialogues. He gets more weightage in his role and he overpowers the main character played by Yash Kulkarni. Bhau Kadam, Bharat Ganeshpure & Vidyadhar Joshi are all seasoned actors and have played their part well. Director, Screenplay, Story Writer, Dialogue Writer Prakash Pawar makes his debut through “Ranjan”. He has gone haywire and there are some serious flaws in story and screenplay. Ajay Gogawale has sung the romantic song “Lagira Zala Ra”, lyrics of Lagira are penned by Vaibhav Joshi while music is given by Narendra Bhide.

There is nothing special in the concept which will make the audience feel interested to look in the story of “Ranjan”. The story simply fails to hook the audience. The pace of the story is way too slow and the obstacles which the lead character face and his plans to counter them, are simply illogical.