Reverb Katta’s New Web Series ‘Twist Eat’ | Suyash Tilak’s Exclusive Interview

After the grand success of web series ‘Moving Out’ Reverb Katta brought a brand new and a completely different web series ‘Twist Eat’ with Suyash Tilak immediately. Produced by Abhijeet Kolhatkar, Directed by Mayuresh Joshi and sponsored by none other than Ram Bandhu Masale. Also they have an amazing team like Ashutosh Hinge as executive producer, Shilpa Godbole, Master Chef Pradeep Bhavalkar and Ka Re Durava fame Suyash Tilak. On the occasion of Diwali and this interesting series we decided to have a talk to the host of the show Suyash Tilak. Let’s have a look.



  • MarathiCelebs : Hello and welcome Suyash to MarathiCelebs.Com. Show’s title seems interesting. Tell us something about the show.
  • Suyash : Thank you and yes the show is as interesting as the title. ‘Twist Eat’ is a series where we show how to make daily recipes interesting with a twist. The show is non-formal and very easy going. As we all know youth is more welcoming for the web content so we have tried that they should feel connected to our show. Even the language is very casual. Even though it’s a cookery show but you will notice that the concept is so easy it almost feels like two friends have met and they make new recipes very casually. Also the interesting fact is that our most of recipes are from leftovers. We often don’t understand what to do with the leftover food but here we show how to utilize it with interesting twists. Our chef Pradeep Bhavalkar sir is really talented and amazing cook.


  • MarathiCelebs : We have seen you in many different shades till now. Do you think this time we are going to see your new shade?
  • Suyash : Yes. Till now I have done fiction shows and all my characters had many shades and many things were planned as per the basic format of the shows. When Mayuresh told me about ‘Twist Eat’ he said that we are doing a non fictional show and it won’t have any specific format. The moment I heard those words I was too happy and I decided to give it a shot. Here in this series you will definitely not see me as my other characters, I will host the show as Suyash and yes it is a different shade.


  • MarathiCelebs : Are you the same in real life as you have been portrayed in ‘Twist Eat’ ?
  • Suyash : Well I won’t say I am completely the same. Humor part is bit similar but I am a different person.


  • MarathiCelebs : How is this web series different from other cookery shows ?
  • Suyash : Well, when we watch any cookery show then we can notice that they are different from our regular kitchens. There are professional chefs, their each dish is very perfect even the appliances and many things. But in reality our kitchens are mostly women centric. Our female members of family have control to the kitchen. They are not professionals but still they cook really good, here we help them, tease them and enjoy our beautiful moments. Twist Eat is exactly that kind of a show. Very casual, very attractive, very simple, without any formality. It is easy for viewers to connect to this show as it represents their kitchens. Also, we have one unique thing. We hold a contest of name suggestion for each dish made in show. Whichever name we like Ram Bandhu Masale will gift them a gift hamper.


  • MarathiCelebs : How did you get this series ?
  • Suyash : ‘Twist Eat’s’ director Mayuresh Joshi and I have worked together before and we are also very good friends. One day I went to his home where he cooked food himself and it was delicious. So I told him how much I loved the food, that time he understood how much foodie I am. While planning this show he remembered me. When he asked me I immediately said yes.


  • MarathiCelebs : Do you have anything Diwali Special for our viewers ?
  • Suyash : The whole show is special for Diwali. As we have used and made our Diwali special food items in many dishes.


  • MarathiCelebs : Did your cooking skills improve because of the show?
  • Suyash : I can cook but it takes a lot of time for me because I like everything perfect. The show definitely gave me many interesting ideas and taught me many new instant recipes thanks to our Master Chef Pradeep Bhavalkar.


  • MarathiCelebs : Whom else do we get to see with you in the series ?
  • Suyash : Well till now we have shot eight episodes. In this season we have Master Chef Pradeep Bhavalkar and me. It depends on the response from the audience and we are open to experiment. We might give chance to audience to come and share their recipes with us. We might call celebrity chefs or some chefs who are not so famous but are good in cooking. It all depends on the response.


  • MarathiCelebs : Which is your favorite medium like films, television, plays, web series ?
  • Suyash : I won’t say any specific medium. All these are dear to me but yes it has different shades. Web series is a complete different format. While web content is available to everyone and reachable. So we get to know our audience better trough their response.


  • MarathiCelebs : Would you like to give any message to our audience?
  • Suyash : I would like to tell everyone that enjoy the festival, eat a lot and include our recipes in your food. Try them out and let us know whether you like it or not also please share your recipes with us.


Thank you so much Suyash for talking to MarathiCelebs.Com. We wish you all the very best for your future ventures.

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