Shivya Movie Review

Shivya Movie Review

Movie Review: Shivya

Genre: Drama

Rating: 2/5

Starcast: Bhushan Pradhan, Sanskruti Balgude, Piyush Ranade, Vidhyadhar Joshi, Uday Sabnis, Subhangi Latkar

Director: Sakar Raut

How often do we see a movie poster which raises our curiosity? “Shivya” (Bad/ Slang / Inappropriate Language) takes us to the current era wherein all younger are using abusing language left, right and center. May it be digital medium or general communication, giving Shivya & listening to them has become part of our life and it seems inevitable. It will need a certain amount of dedicated commitment if one needs to refrain from using such language. This film tries to show how one can refrain from giving Shivya.

The film begins with a flashback where we get introduced to a young Raghav Naik (Bhushan Pradhan) who owns a garage. He is frank and has a habit of using slang language in every smallest interaction. Sharvari (Sanskruti Balgude) is his love interest and they are having an affair. However, it his habit of using abusive language which irritates her and makes her feel uncomfortable in public. Despite her repeated requests, Raghav continues to use the bad language of pity issues. He gets into an angry argument with a stranger and criticizes him openly using his offensive language. This boomerangs on Raghav, when he comes to know that the stranger was Sharvari’s father (Uday Sabnis). A small incident of not delivering a vehicle on time gets him into problems with Vikrant (Piyush Ranade) who swears vengeance. The rivalry further increases with ego issues and Vikrant’s friends fueling the conflict. Raghav’s parents (Vidyadhar Joshi & Subhangi Latkar) try to convince him to cool down. At one end Raghav is facing pressure from Sharvari who wants to see a change in his behavior & on another end he is facing heat from Vikrant and his group. Will Raghav find a means to the end? Will there will be an incident which will bring some revolutionary changes in the thinking of Raghav? How will Raghav bring control on his Shivya’s?

Bhushan Pradhan & Sanskruti Balgude are good in their respective roles. It is Piyush Ranade who steals the show with his acting and the background music at his entry gives his character enough grace which a subtle and controlled villain demands.  Vidyadhar Joshi and Uday Sabnis play their roles well and so does Akshay Waghmare. Director Sakar Raut comes with a movie which is a mix of the genre like action, drama, romance and bombards us with abusive words.

Apart from the title track, “Jeev Maza Asa Guntala” is a pleasant romantic number sung by Javed Ali and Sonali Datta. The music, however, fails to take Shivya anywhere. One a positive note, shivya doesn’t try to preach philosophy. It gives a subtle message about how one can refrain from using slang language in front of elders. However, the usage of “motherboard” and similar words to avoid abusive words looks childish.

Bhushan Pradhan and Piyush Ranade are the good things happening for the movie but do little to salvage the bad script. A little over 90 minutes, this tale misses its mark and is consistently overrated. The melodious tune, some action scenes may entice you, but that’s not enough to keep you hooked.

Written by: Tejas Marathe & Kalyani Mitragotri