Setters Gave Me A Confidence To Go Beyond My Image-Shreyas Talpade | Exlusive Interview

Shreyas Talpade Setters
Shreyas Talpade | Exclusive Interview

New Bollywood film Setters released last week and it’s getting a very huge response. Popular Marathi actor Shreyas Talpade surprised everyone with his new shade in this film. For the first time this well known comic actor played a negative role and he managed to steal the spotlight once again with his dashing performance. Shreyas has been praised by almost everyone from the fraternity and his fans for this role. On this occasion we got a chance to talk to him about his experience of the film. Let’s have a look what he shared with us.


  • MarathiCelebs : Welcome to MarathiCelebs.Com Shreyas ! ‘Setters’ is getting a very beautiful response and your character is receiving a lot of appreciation. How was your experience of playing a negative role for the first time ?
  • Shreyas : Hello and Thank You ! To be honest until now I have played comedy roles more. So audience is habitual of watching me as a comedy actor. It was very challenging for me to go beyond that image and try something new. It was a pressure to try such negative role despite of such image but I tried it and I am very thankful to everyone because it’s received very well. I am receiving very positive feedback and appreciation from audience, critics, and industry people so it is very overwhelming and I feel it’s the biggest award for me as I am trying something new and everyone is showering so much of love and support.

    Shreyas Talpade Setters
  • MarathiCelebs : Of course you have portrayed Apurva very beautifully; It’s very difficult to say that a Marathi actor is performing on screen. How challenging it was to portray Apurva in Setters ? What kind of challenges you had to face ?
  • Shreyas : Thank you so much. Basically that was the idea. I had the responsibility that Apurva should not look Maharashtrian in any way; he is a Banarsi guy so I had to work on almost all the aspects. His language, his behavior, everything. Apurva had to look convincing. Other than that when my director approached me for the negative role he had the faith in me. It made me think that if a third person can have so much faith in me then why can’t I ? I should definitely give it a try. It’s a team effort. My co-artists, director they all helped me portraying Apurva. I am very thankful to my team that they give me such confidence and made it so beautiful.
Shreyas Talpade Setters
Shreyas Talpade


  • MarathiCelebs : How was your equation with your co-actors ?
  • Shreyas : I had the maximum scenes with Pavan Malhotra and my team members. I didn’t have much scenes with Aftab but I would love to share that all the actors have been very good. Mr. Pavan Malhotra is a senior actor, when you share the screen with him you have to be very alert as an actor. Of course he will improvise, since it’s all about acting and reacting. So automatically it adds up the value to your performance as well. I got to learn a lot from him and it was fun. I had a beautiful equation with all my co-actors whether it be Ishita or my team members. ‘Setters’ is a realistic film and we all have tried to perform in that way. In fact even Aftab had performed his character very sincerely and it’s a very fresh character for him as well. It’s always a risk trying something new, whether audience will like it or not but thankfully people have loved our sincere efforts and we are very happy that they have welcome our this attempt with so much love.


  • MarathiCelebs : Apurva is a gray character but still his few positive shades can be seen in the movie, whether it be helping someone or few other incidents. What would you like to share about that ?
  • Shreyas : Actually, as u have pointed it out Apurva is not a complete villain, he is not completely grey. But he has understood from his life experiences that the world is not straight. If you want to survive then you have to be grey but again having said that even he wants a positive change in the system, in anyone’s life. So whenever and wherever it’s possible he tries to help the needy ones and he tries to support the good things in this bad world but wherever his work is involved there he is pretty cutthroat about it. He had the bad experiences and he wishes that others should not go through the same. But as we all know “Har nayak mein ek khalnayak chhupa hota hai aur har khalnayak mein ek nayak chhupa hota hai” (each person has positive and negative sides).
  • MarathiCelebs : You debuted in Bollywood in 2005 with the super hit film Iqbal. What would you like to share about your wonderful Bollywood journey until now from Iqbal to Setters ?
  • Shreyas : It has given me many things and most importantly experience. I got to work with such great artists like Shyam Benegal, Nagesh Kukunoor, Rohit Shetty, Farah Khan, Nasiruddin Shah, Ajay Devgan, Shahrukh Khan . My filmography has films which were super hit, people love and remember those films. I have seen low phases also where few of my films didn’t work well. I think this journey has been very fascinating, it taught me many things; but personally for me every film is a fresh film. I always treat it as a first film and as a chance to prove myself. So till the actor and learner in me is alive there are many more opportunities to come, there are many things to learn. There is still a long way to go. I want to entertain my audience for many more years through various characters, various projects.


  • MarathiCelebs : When do we get a chance to see more of your projects in Marathi ?
  • Shreyas : Very Soon. If everything goes according to the plan then I am coming up with a new Marathi project in this year or maximum early next year. I am working in a Marathi film and I am producing one Marathi film. Film’s title will also be announced very soon. It’s been 4 years after Baaji that I have done any Marathi project but this time I promise my fans that they won’t have to wait too long for my Marathi films. I have decided that regularly every year I will do at least one Marathi project.

    Shreyas Talpade Setters

  • MarathiCelebs : Which is your dream role ?
  • Shreyas : Well I didn’t really thought about it but I would like to work in biopic. If there ever made a biopic on Kishor Kumar then I would love to portray Kishor Da in it.


  • MarathiCelebs : What message would you like to give to audience ?
  • Shreyas : First of all I want to Thank the audience. A boy from a non filmy background is working in the industry for 15 years now. Directors, producers cast me in their films. The only reason for this success is the love of audience. Without their love, blessings and support nothing would have been possible. I thank all of them from the core of my heart and I personally feel an actor is nothing without the audience. Until now I have always tried my best to entertain them and I will keep doing it.


Thank You very much Shreyas for sharing all these experiences with MarathiCelebs.Com . We wish you all the very best for Setters and all your future projects.


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