The Psychiatrist | Atul Todankar’s New Psychological Thriller Short Film

Psychology is a vast subject. We can say psychology is the only science without the definition. Each patient and each case is different and solutions also. Well psychological disorders are also a problem as other diseases. It’s illness which should be treated properly but in our society it’s often misunderstood and neglected. Due to which superstitions take place and give it the wrong form. It misleads people and the problem increases instead of being solved. People feel ashamed of having psychological problems. It needs to change in order to help the needy patients. Well today we are talking about psychology because someone has understood the problem and tried to make people aware of it.

Marathi popular actor Atul Todankar has come up with a short film titled The Psychiatrist which is a psychological thriller. It has a say and a beautiful message for all above problems. There is shown a shade of psychological problem Schizophrenia. The short film is already doing good and available on YouTube for everyone to watch. So let’s see what it has for us.