Movie Review: Saha Gun

Movie Review: Saha Gun

Genre: Drama

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Starcast: Archit Deodhar, Amruta Subhash, Sunil Barve

Director: Kiran Sabhaji Gawade

These days’ parents are keeping unreasonable expectations from their children. They not only want their children to do well in a particular discipline but also want them to outperform in every aspect, whether it is studies, sports or other activities. There is a subtle difference between peer pressure and constant comparison. The resulting element is more of nervous breakdown for the child and moments of dissatisfaction for parents. Saha Gun tries to touch the subject which is seen across in today’s society where we believe in “Survival of the fittest”.

The story unfolds in a typical village called Mithnagari in Konkan in which Vidya Sarvode (Archit Deodhar) is studying in 8th standard. His mother Saraswati Sarvode (Amruta Subhash) has huge expectations from him and wants him to excel in every field while his father (Sunil Barve) is reasonable. Vidya works hard and meets his mother’s expectations. But in the process of doing it, his own thinking changes and he starts considering himself superior when compared to others in his class. This attitude is not perceived well by his classmates. Vidya is busy in leaving no stone unturned, however, he knows that it is difficult to sustain success. His class has a new joiner Raju Pendse who is sharp in studies and is a genuine all-rounder when it comes to other activities. Vidya gets depressed when he is completely outplayed by Raju in a couple of departments and so does Saraswati. The big question is will Vidya overcome his depression and come up as best in class? Will Sarawati get restless if Vidya is not able to meet her expectations? To what extent can Saraswati go to see Vidya successful?

Amruta Subhash plays an overambitious mother in this movie and she looks different in her new hairstyle. Sunil Barve looks good in his role as a rational and balanced father. Archit Deodhar is brilliant as a child artist. Director Kiran Gawade presents us an important topic of child psychology and takes us on a roller-coaster ride of emotion, tension and unfulfilled dreams.

There is hardly anything to mention specifically as far as music review goes. “Abhyaas Abhyaas” & “Kabaddi Kabaddi” are the songs which are not that great and give one the required break to check his mobile phone or visit a washroom. Amruta Subhash explaining gravity of 1 mark and how she missed her medical admission, Sunil Barve giving the analogy of Bajiprabhu Deshpande to explain the difference between achievement and win are some of the high points in the film. The melodrama and level to which Sarasvati can go, to make sure Vidya wins, seems exaggerated. There are few scenes when Amruta Subhash just over boards in her role as an assertive and overpowering mother.

Saha Gunn tells us don’t restrict yourself to any limitations. Don’t take tension of every smallest thing is life. One should work hard but should not get depressed by an obstacle in life. However, the way it is shown looks exaggerated and the overemphasis given to crack the examination and always be best in class, makes it a heavy meal to digest.

Written by: Tejas Marathe & Kalyani Mitragotri