Smita Shewale And Roshan Vichare Are Here To Make You Fall In Love | Mann He Vede

Mann He Vede

Love is the most beautiful emotion anyone can ever experience. A pure heaven on earth, a bliss, magic; say what you like. Love has the power to make anything possible. And this November is now going to be full of love. How? Well, popular gorgeous actress Smita Shewale and chocolate boy Roshan Vichare are all set to make you fall in love with their new romantic song Mann He Vede, produced by Shrinivas Kulkarni. How? When? Where? Let’s find out all the answers below.

Smita Shewale has always been a graceful yet powerful actress. When Shrinivas Kulkarni has discussed about Mann He Vede to Smita last year she liked the song; and the most important thing touched her soul was that Shrinivas said he sees Smita in this song. While talking about the song Smita says “when I heard the song, I felt that this song is made for me only, it’s my song and Shrinivas even waited for me. Also, I was very excited to work with Roshan in the song which has very different and romantic flavor. Our friendship has helped the song to flourish more. This song is very colorful. The thing that touched me most is the very soft yet strong feeling which has shown the various aspects of love. She has been in love with him so deep yet he is unaware of her feelings. The whole concept and beautiful execution have made the experience very rich. I have enjoyed doing this song with our whole team. After Aabhas Ha I was waiting for a romantic song and I am glad I got that opportunity in Mann He Vede.”


Mann He Vede

A young, dynamic actor Roshan Vichare has been always seen in historical and mythological characters until now but now when he is playing a chocolate boy character in Mann He Vede he is very happy about it as it’s an image breaking character for him. He says “I’m happy I got an opportunity to play such a cute chocolate boy role for this song. When I heard Mann He Vede for the first time I felt really called to it and I heard it over and over again. It’s a hummable song which makes it more beautiful. I immediately said yes when I was asked for this song. Smita and I have been good friends for a long time and working with her was an icing on the cake. We both are dancers, so we grasped the dance moves pretty easily. I feel more connected to this song as I am actually like this in real life. A sweet, cute, romantic chocolate boy. So, yes, this song is very close to my heart. Our whole team has worked really hard but everyone was happy and entirely involved in the whole process which made it so beautiful. We have had an amazing experience while shooting it and I am sure people will love it too.”

Aishwarya Mane and Puja Chafekar will also be featuring as cameo in Mann He Vede. This song is directed by Yogesh Anil Tawar. This song is sung by Anweshaa and music is by Jeevan Marathe. Direction of Photography is done by Rahul R Zende and choreography is done by Devashree Athalye. Costumes are beautifully designed by Shweta Tatooskar. Make up is done by Harshad Khule and Production head is Vaibhav Lamture. Project coordinator and still photographer for this project is Pranav Singh and Publicity design is done by Aanil Shinde. Executive producer for this song is Amol Ghodke. Mann He Vede is shot on a beautiful location in Pune, Snapcity, Talegaon. Audience can enjoy this soulful romantic song on all the music channels of television as well as on YouTube.

There have been many romantic songs until now but Mann He Vede is surely going to be very special in many ways. We give best wishes to the whole team for this wonderful creation.


Mann He Vede Mann He Vede Mann He Vede