Ghantaa Review – Enjoyable Crime Comedy


Movie : Ghantaa
Producer : Rohit Shetty
Director : Shailesh Shankar Kale
StarCast : Aroh Velankar, Amey wagh, Saksham kulkarni, Shivani Surve, Anuja Sathe, Kishor Kadam, Pushkar Shrotri, Viju Khote, Murli Sharma, Bhau Kadam, Kanchan Pagare, Vijay kadam, Ganesh Mayekar, Mayur Khandge
Screenplay : Suumit Bonkar & Rahul Yashod
Music : Samir Saptiskar
Genre : Crime Comedy
Release Date : October 14, 2016

Ghantaa Movie Review:

Angad (Aroh Velankar), Raj(Amey Wagh) and Umesh(Saksham Kulkarni) are three college friends who are struggling to earn some money. But they end up falling prey of betting world run by Chintya(Kishor Kadam). Dighya (Shrotri), and a headstrong boss (Sharma) of Angad’s girlfriend. In order to repay debt of Chintya’s five lakh. they get into a big mess with gangster and wannabe politician(Pushkar Shrotri), party workers and boss(Murli Sharma) of Angad’s girlfriend. The film is about their struggle to get out of this mess.

First half is lengthy and predictable and nothing much happened during it. Whereas second half is more enjoyable and film justify its genre of crime comedy.

Talking about the performances, all the three lead actors. Aroh, Amey and Saksham have played their character nicely. The use of graphics in the film is okay but the director has exceeded the limits by boasting things out of proportion. Also, the comedy is repetitive hampering the entertainment value especially in the first half. The photography, editing, screenplay and other technical elements are okay.

Second half of Ghanta film is more enjoyable and film justify its genre of crime comedy. Also Ghanta has a strong cast. Dil Dosti Duniyadari fame Ameya Wagh and Rege fame Aroha Velankar carry the film on their shoulder. Also Kishor Kadam and Pushkar Shrotri have significant roles.