Gela Udat Is A Must Watch Entertaining Play

Gela Udat

Kedar Shinde’s latest play Gela Udat is a super hit and an entertainment feast to everyone. Bhadrakali Productions and Third Bell entertainment’s this play is winning hearts beyond imagination. Till now it has gone until 205 shows. Recently they have celebrated their 200th show at Gadkari Rangaytan, Thane, in the presence of well known celebs and press.

To talk about the play in brief, it’s a story of Maruti Kadam who is fascinated about Super hero stories since his childhood because of his mother and after growing up he is detected with the Hero Syndrome. Maruti’s this problem is beautifully shown and it is hilarious simultaneously awakening. Every good story needs an interesting twist, so here we have Prakash Kattimani, the villain. He is a don and Maruti needs to persuade his mind to make him support for his brother and Prakash’s sister’s relation and to allow them to get married. Well now how will Maruti do this ? Will he even be able to make him ready or his family would be at stake ? Most importantly what chaos will Maruti’s illness create ? For all these answers and a non-stop laughter ride you need to watch the play Gela Udat yourself.

Popular actor Siddharth Jadhav is already well appreciated among audience but after watching him as a lead performer Marutatmaj aka Maruti Kadam in Gela Udat his standards are set more high than his other performances. Kedar Shinde has completely and perfectly utilized Siddharth’s amazing acting skills and comic timing along with his physical comedy. Not only Siddharth but other actors are equally amazing and natural performers. Ganesh Jadhav, Archana Nipankar, Surabhi Fadnis, Shweta Gharat, Ghanashyam Ghorpade, Kiran Nevalkar, Gaurav More, Ketki Palav, Aamir Tadavalkar, Sumit Sawant, Sachin Gawde no one is to be left because they all have did a great performance. The play is produced by Kavita Machchindra Kambli and Bela Shinde. Not only this but also music and songs in play are the icing on a cake. All in all it’s a very good play.

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