Magic Of ‘Gaarva’ In A New Way On Its 24th Anniversary | Milind Ingale | Exclusive Interview

Milind Ingale is a phenomenal composer and singer. His singing charms every heart it reaches to. Today, i.e. 23rd July 2022, his most famous album ‘Gaarva’ whose lyrics were penned down by the famous actor/poet Kishore Kadam aka Saumitra is going to complete 24 years of overwhelming love from its day of release. Milind Ingale has worked a lot in the industry but his work in ‘Gaarva’ has been the most loved by people even today after 24 years. The album ‘Gaarva’ comprises of total 7 magical melodies from which Milind would be taking one verse from each song and making one music video which will help you reminisce all the sweet memories related to the album and relive your love for ‘Gaarva’ in this monsoon. We at MarathiCelebs.Com had a chat with him regarding his experience working on this project which gave monsoon a flavour of love.


  • Marathi Celebs :Welcome to Marathicelebs.Com Milind. ‘Gaarva’ has been one of the phenomenal albums of its time and has made people fall in love with it. You have given a lot to ‘Gaarva’ and it has given you a lot. How will you define your relationship with ‘Gaarva’?

➢ Milind : I had just started my career when I recorded songs of ‘Gaarva’ on my own in 1993 and then the actual struggle started. ‘Gaarva’ is one of its kind’s albums. Seven songs made with 1 singer, 1 lyricist/poet, one composer and one theme. I went to many music companies for release of it but it didn’t work out, as it was not contemporary at that time. At a point I stopped meeting people for it as I wasn’t getting any response but one day in 1997, I received a call from Rajat Barjatya from Rajshree Productions. He asked me if I have some songs recorded as they were planning to start music company and he said they will be interested if I have songs ready. When I presented ‘Gaarva’ in front of him, he was the first person to appreciate it. But he told me they would like to start with Hindi songs to make the platform global. And he asked me to do album in Hindi. That was the first time I made 30 compositions / tunes for Hindi songs in a span of a year and 10 were selected out of it. That was my first released album ‘Yeh Hai Prem’. All songs were famous of this album but most famous song was ‘Chhuimui Si Tum Lagti Ho’ starring Priti Janghiani. After this I was still concerned about ‘Gaarva’ as I had taken many efforts on it but in the next 6 months on 23rd July 1998 Rajshree released that also. Audience loved it. As I mentioned above ‘Gaarva’ was the only album at that time made with 1 song 1 poetry, all 7 songs on rain theme. At that time, it was not easy to do such experiment. While making ‘Gaarva’ I wanted to mix traditional and modern music. We have used various sound effects that included nature in it but it wasn’t easy to do so 25 years back. I had done a lot of research, even got some foreign CD’s and has arranged everything. It was a new concept and I didn’t know how it will be received but it was received well. We arranged only 1 press conference for it and couldn’t promote it much but as per the contemporary reviews youth got attracted to it and started taking interest in Marathi songs. ‘Gaarva’ was picturised on Sunil Barve and Smita Bansal and it was the first Marathi video to feature on MTv. ‘Gaarva’ grew slowly but powerfully. It became a trendsetter. ‘Gaarva’ took 5 years to release since inception but it created history.


  • Marathi Celebs: How did you get this idea of making songs with such unique concept?

➢ Milind : Before ‘Gaarva’ there were many albums consisting 8 songs. Me and Kishore Kadam aka Saumitra used to stay nearby and we used to meet daily. We had a good give and take and being an amazing poet, he used to read his poetry and I used to share my compositions and songs with him. I realised that we can try to make a wonderful experiment with reading out poetry at the start of each song in an album and I decided to compose it. Saumitra has written all the songs and poetries of ‘Gaarva’. We have used some of his famous poetries and some poetries he wrote specially for ‘Gaarva’. We decided that Saumitra will read out the poetries and we decided to give it a background of rain and sound effects. Along with sound engineers Pramod Ghaisas and Pramod Chandorkar music arrangers like Appa Wadhavkar, Suresh Iyar, Tushar Parte, Bhavadeep Jaipurwale has worked their magic in the album.


  • Marathi Celebs : Did you have any specific target audience in mind while working on ‘Gaarva’?

➢ Milind : Absolutely not. As I mentioned above, we have a legacy of many beautiful devotional and lyric songs. I just wanted to experiment with the album in a new way. I just had one thing in mind that if the tune is melodious then any age group will love the songs. After all the feel is important. In order to give it traditional yet modern treatment I used Indian as well western instruments like Indian flute, English flute, saxophone, sitar, electric guitar, etc.


  • Marathi Celebs: ‘Gaarva’ is loved so much that when we hear Milind Ingale the first project comes in the mind is ‘Gaarva’. Do you feel it has impacted your career in a way?

➢ Milind : Yes it has. ‘Gaarva’ has given me a lot and it has given me the recognition no doubt about that but I have done many other projects which unfortunately couldn’t gather as much attention as ‘Gaarva’. And unfortunately, many of my projects didn’t reach to audience as expected, few of them couldn’t even go on floor. I have worked with many well-known musicians and singers like Shaan, Alka Yagnik and Sadhana Sargam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal. I also received an award for my film Gojiri. I also had my album named Tuzya Tapora Dolyat Maza Ivalasa Gaav, it’s a 36 minutes long single song. It’s a Dyanesh Wakukdkar poetry and Milind has created a new album with it. I never wanted to be a composer but I always wanted to be a singer like Kishor Kumar.


  • Marathi Celebs: What beautiful experience ‘Gaarva’ gave you? And was there any special inspiration you had?

➢ Milind : Honestly, I would like to say that not a specific personal experience but anything and everything can inspire an artist. I was always attracted towards films, music. Kishor Kumar inspired me the most. Me and Saumitra made first song together, Disa Nakalat Jaai. Late singer Arun Date Liked it and we made 8 more songs with him but unfortunately the music label shut down and album didn’t reach to wider audience. I never wanted to be a composer but each step lead me towards it and I composed many songs. I always feel that I am fortunate to be a singer and composer because I feel God has given me a chance to spread smile, love and that amazing experience in people’s lives. It gives me immense pleasure whenever I perform on stage in front of live audience.


We from MarathiCelebs.Com wish Milind Ingale all the best for this project which would surely touch the heart of his fans as it did 24 years ago and still does.

Gaarva Milind Ingale Interview
Milind Ingale

Gaarva Milind Ingale Interview