Fugay Review – Thoughtless Deflated Balloons

Movie Review: Fugay (2017)
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Swwapnil Joshi, Subodh Bhave, Prarthana Behere, Neetha Shetty, Suhas Joshi, Mohan Joshi, Anand Ingle
Director: Swapna Waghmare Joshi
Rating: 2/5
Review by: Tejas Marathe & Kalyani Mitragotri

We all keep on blowing up balloons of our image which are full of ego, self-respect and misunderstandings. We keep on blowing them, till someone comes up and pops them. This movie tells us that we should pop up these wrong ballons as soon as possible and replace them with balloons which are full of happiness, love and gratification.

The film stars with Aditya Agnihotri (Swapnil Joshi) and Hrishkesh Deshmukh(Subodh Bhave) playing best buddies, since childhood and their families treat them as brothers, just like we see in Bollywood movie Karan Arjun. Agnihotri family is proud of their family history and is headed by Indumati Agnihotri (Suhas Joshi). Indumati is strict and all family decisions are subjected to her approval. Mohan Joshi (Mr. Deshmukh) plays the role of Hrishkesh’s father who is a proud Marathi manus and will “Fast till death” on pity issues going around in the society. Aditya is engaged to Jaai, (Prarthana Behre) who is very possessive about Aditya. Jaai wants Aditya’s full attention and his friendship with Hrishkesh annoys her. Aditya and Hrishkesh take off for Aditya’s bachelor’s party to Goa, when his marriage gets fixed. Aditya bluffs Jaai, saying he is leaving for Goa with his office friends. Aditya and Hrishikesh, in order to enjoy in a different way, end up drinking too much, which in turn results in some hilarious situations. Everyone after that day starts believing that these duo are actually Gay, but in reality the whole thing gets messed up in really funny way. Annoyed by Aditya’s ignorance, Jaai visits the resort in Goa and finds Aditya and Hrishkesh totally drunk and in weird costumes. She is completely shocked by looking Aditya in flimsy clothes, earnings & lipstick and calls off her engagement with him, before clicking their picture, which soon becomes viral. The results back home are devastating. Family members, friends and relatives show their reluctance to accept their relationship, except for Mr. Deshmukh who is open minded. Aditya’s sister feel ashamed of him and reporters queue up at Hrishikesh’s house for a byte. Aditya and Hrishikesh are confused how to prove they are straight and connect the dots in this maze. Will they be able to clarify and prove their innocence? What kind of mayhem their unusual friendship will create?


The movie initially looks to be a remake of Hollywood movie “Hangover” or Bollywood movie “Dostana” from the trailer. Actually, it is not a remake of the above two movies. It is quiet high in comedy content, but that’s an irony, since comedy can be annoying sometimes, if not handled properly. Apart from comedy there is still a little bit of action, drama, romance and beaches which try to hold the curiosity in this family entertainer.

Swapnil Joshi is a good actor and he once again tries to pull this movie through his comic timing and dialogue delivery. After Mitwaa, we once again see Prarthana Behre paring up with Swapnil Joshi and her chemistry with Swapnil has come up really well onscreen. She has a small role and this movie doesn’t utilize her full potential. Neeta Shetty is a fresh face who is shown as a broadminded and modern girl, but is barely seen in 2 scenes. The real disappointment comes from Subodh Bhave. Subodh’s role is completely in contrast to his earlier roles. The otherwise serious actor, is seen in a happy go lucky avatar, however his role gets stuck someone by the alter ego, which we see in his character. Senior actors like Mohan Joshi, Anand Ingle and Suhas Joshi are also seen in side roles. Director Swapna Waghmare Joshi who is known for her hit movie Mitwaa, has yet again come up with a film that is all set to attract the audience with a proportionate dose of laughter and fun.

The most popular track is ‘’Party De‘’ which actually expresses the feelings which are deep inside the mind of any of our friends. One always debate with his friends when it comes to throwing a party, also there are friends who will always figure out a reason in order to avoid giving a party. The song is sung by Amitraj himself who has composed the music for the movie. The song features lyrics by lyricist Kshitij Patwardhan. “Kahi Kale Tula” has a catchy tune, it is shoot with colorful backdrops featuring the film’s key actors dancing, which certainly adds to the light romantic mood, which the song creates. The song “Hey Fugay” of the film is a toast to celebrating friendship and having fun with close friends.

The tone of the storytelling is very confusing. In a bid to project Aditya and Hrishkesh as innocent, the film often ends up making them look foolish. There are too many purposeless asides that distract from the main focus of the plot. People using Mohan Joshi’s platform on sitting on “Fast till Death” to dry chilies look insane. There are numerous pathetic jokes which barely bring a smile and thereby continue to weaken the plot.

There aren’t enough adjectives to effectively convey the endless agony that is Fugay. It is boring and has a numbingly awful plot. Like most of the ‘entertainers’ of our Marathi film industry, the film had no story and was a real torture to say the least.