‘Fresh’ to ‘Golu Polu’ with Omkar Kulkarni | Exclusive Interview


Omkar Kulkarni aka poet Vanku Kumar is the talent powerhouse. Right from writing to acting he has his unique style and gives his best shot. His current songs Golu Polu and Diet Diet from movie Vazandar are the chartbusters. Here is the short and exclusive interview of this talented lyricist.

How did you get the chance to write Diet Diet and Golu Polu songs for Vazandaar?
I had written ‘Fresh’ song for Sachin Kundalkar’s film Happy Journey, so he was well known of my writing. Once he asked me to write for his upcoming film Vazandar. The film was based on a complete different subject and he was looking for someone who can write lyrics according to the characters and story. This is how I got this chance.

How was your experience of writing songs of Vazandar? Any special thing you would like to share about it?
Nearly 2 years back we went on a friend’s farmhouse on 15th August. There director Sachin Kundalkar shared his thought that he wants to make a film on this topic. He told me the story in one line. Then I cracked the four lines – “Diet diet duty aahe, Diet tujhya weight varcha jaalim ek mantra aahe”. Vazandar is a film where the both main characters of film are hurt with their overweight personalities. They are unhappy with themselves. Where one of them thinks who will love her but there is a boy who already is in love with her & other one is married but still facing few problems. So these quite unusual situations made me to write basic lines of song Diet Diet. This is a song which has a base of modern song and has traditional and folk touch. Also Sachin have told us that in today’s fast life songs are not remembered for long time, each song has its life span so we should enjoy the process of making of our songs. Me, Avinash Vishvajeet, Sachin each one had inputs for songs. We enjoyed the making of this song and could feel that energy.


Do you feel that writing Vazandar songs was a challenge? How do you feel when people express their positive opinions about your songs?
Yes it was quite challenging because of unusual and sensitive topic. Being fat can hurt any person. We just want to convey the message through our song that love yourself and believe in yourself. As far as audience response is concerned it feels really great when people like your work. It’s like being proud of your child.

Would you like to tell us about your poetry book?
I have a poetry book called Mad Swapnanche Pravah. I have consciously launched it in E-Book format. Also, it is available in print form.

What is your inspiration?
I won’t say any specific inspiration but I would like to call it beauty. The beauty of different aspects of life in all forms which makes us express.

As we know that you are a versatile artist so, among all your shades of being Actor, Lyricist, Poet and Theatre Person which shade is close to you?
I enjoy being a poet. It is the medium where I don’t have to be bound by boundaries. I can express here completely.

Thank you so much Omkar for talking to MarathiCelebs.com and we wish you all the best for Vazandaar and your career ahead.