Breaking Taboos One ‘Situation’ at a time

Something as natural as a woman’s period is considered to be a taboo in India even in the 21st Century and Indians still don’t know how to deal with this. In 2018, Akshay Kumar released Padman which educated millions of Indians about the hygiene factors relating to the topic. A year later, Pushparaj Birhade, who started his career with VFX, put on the director’s hat to create a short film named A Situation’, which is determined to create conversations to break the Indian taboo of periods however in a very personal take and very different angle which will make one introspect about the society we are living in.

From a very personal family encounter, Birhade conceptualized the story and produced it himself alongside his wife Pooja Sangaonkar. The short film of a month, the short film garnered 6 Lakh views and has already been nominated for 4 prestigious awards namely the 8th Kolkata International Short Film Festival, London Lift-Off Film Festival , 8th Delhi International Film Festival and the 24FPS International Short Film Festival.


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A widower father, Pradeep has adapted to the challenging life of raising a daughter single-handedly after the demise of his wife. One fine morning, she undergoes menstrual bleeding while taking a bath. Helpless and terrified she is locked inside the bathroom, not answering her father. He does not understand what to do next. This film shows that even today, periods stand as the biggest question to a lot of parents.


Team :

Director: Pushparaj Jayraj Birhade.

Writer: Akshay Acharya.

Producer: Pooja Deepak Sangaonkar and Pushparaj Jayraj Birhade.

Music / Sound: Akshay Acharya / Satya Narayan.

Editor: Pushparaj Jayraj Birhade.

Cinematographer: Kiren Jadhav.

Actors: Pradeep – Sandesh Kulkarni, Nishtha – Alfia Khan, Female Doctor – Aparajita Dey.


A Situation
A Situation