Anushka Copied Reena Aggarwal’s Look

Anushka Copied Reena
Anushka Copies Reena Aggarwal’s Look

Latest Bollywood movie Sui Dhaga has been the most talked about film of recent times. As we all know social media has been flooding with different memes of Anushka’s character Mamta since the trailer release. Now as the movie released today a new controversy started to trend the social media with hashtag #AnushkaCopiedReena. Reena as in Reena Aggarwal from the Marathi movie Zala Bobhata. It is being said that Anushka Sharma copied Reena Aggarwal’s look from this movie for Mamta. Is Bollywood copying M Town after South? Is it the beginning of a new era for Marathi films ?


It is said, when your work is copied understand that you have done a fabulous job. It looks like Marathi films are starting to rule even the B-Town now. Sui Dhaga is a film which is the talk of the town since the first teaser and it seems that gossips are not yet ready to leave it alone. Coming back to this copy scene; well, no matter how much great quality a copy has but still original is always gold. Reena Aggarwal surely made her mark and now even the Bollywood has confirmed it with this step. No matter what is said but this is surely a very positive sign towards Marathi Cinema’s success. So, we at MarathiCelebs.Com congratulate the M-Town and especially Reena Aggarwal. After all we can say that, Anushka’s (Mamta’s) thread has been put through Reena’s needle, isn’t it? .



Anushka Copied ReenaAnushka Copied Reena

Anushka Copied ReenaAnushka Copied ReenaAnushka Copied ReenaAnushka Copied Reena


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