Mayuri Wagh

Mayuri Wagh Latest Photos
Mayuri Wagh Latest Photos

Name : Mayuri Wagh. Also known as Asmita.
Birth Date : 1st December 1988.
Spouse : Piyush Ranade. Currently engaged, will be married in February 2017.
Hometown : Mumbai.

Mayuri Wagh is a 28 years old dynamic Marathi actress who is well known as Asmita. Asmita Agnihotri is a lead character from Zee Marthi’s private detective based series ‘Asmita’. Along with Asmita she worked in other serials like Vachan Dile Tu Mala, Hee Vaat Door Jaate, Ya Valnavar. She also hosted shows like Comedy Express, Mejwani and Sugran.

Mayuri Wagh is born and brought up in Dombivli, Mumbai. She pursued her bachelor’s degree from Kelkar College then she attended Welingkar College for her Post Graduation in HR. She got engaged with her reel life husband Piyush Ranade and soon in February 2017 this beautiful couple is about to tie the knot.

Mayuri Wagh Photos

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