Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate | Movie Review

Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate Movie Review
Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate | Movie Review
  • Movie : Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate.
  • Genre : Drama.
  • Cast : Janaki Pathak (Tejashri Pawar) , Rajashri Nikam (Sulochana Pawar), Ravi Kale (Babu Pawar), Radhika Deshpande (Manju), Kshitij Deshpande, Vinod Jadhav.
  • Producer, Director, Story, Screenplay / Dialogues, Lyrics : Girish Vishwanath.
  • Duration : 2 h.
  • Rating : 2.5/5 stars.


Animals are the vital part of nature and our lives but they are often neglected and receive a bad treatment; especially stray dogs. Dogs are always proved to be the most loyal and trustworthy creatures but do we really always return this to them? Well, today we are talking about this because a brand new film produced by AAAEEEE Entertainment on this topic is releasing today all over the Maharashtra. Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate is a story happening in Matheran; it’s a story of Tejashri Pawar (Janaki Pathak) aka Teju and her friend Vanilla. Teju is studying in 10th standard in Village Panchayat (Gram Panchayat) school and Vanilla is a stray dog who stays in that school. Teju’s father Babu Pawar (Ravi Kale) gives horse rides to tourists. Mother Sulochana Pawar (Rajashri Nikam) is a housewife and younger brother Chinu studies in the same school as her.

Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate Movie Review

Teju and Vanilla has a special bond. Teju everyday spends a lot of time with Vanilla in school. She feeds her, she cuddles her, plays with her and takes care of her. Vanilla also loves Teju. Their friendship and this bonding are noticed by everyone. When everything is going well one day a teacher asks Teju what will happen with Vanilla once you pass out the school? This thing upsets Teju and makes her think about Vanilla. She asks her parents if they will allow Vanilla to live with them but they deny it. One day school’s peon Bharat informs Teju that there are dog catchers and they are taking the stray dogs with them. Teju gets frightened with this news and again asks her mother if she can keep Vanilla with her but she says ask your father. Teju runs after her father to ask him this but he scolds her and asks to leave as his elder daughter Manju (Radhika Deshpande) is about to come there for delivery and he is already in that pressure. After this incident Teju decides to stay in school with Vanilla for 3 days to protect her. When her parents come to know about it they get overwhelmed by Teju’s love for Vanilla and allow her to keep Vanilla at their home. During this period this whole family gets emotionally attached to Vanilla and after 3 days they leave her in school which is also Teju’s last day of school. When her pregnant sister Manju comes for delivery she notices Teju has fever which cures only after meeting Vanilla. Soon Teju comes to know Vanilla is pregnant and she takes care of her just as her mother takes care of Manju. Now what happens next? What happens to Manju and Vanilla? What happens to Teju? All these questions will be answered in the movie. The story revolves around Teju and Vanilla’s this unbreakable bond and all these questions.

Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate Movie Review

In the history of Indian cinema there are plenty of films which can be named under such genre where it speaks about the pet and humans bonding. In this movie also director Girish Vishwanath intends to show this innocent love. He basically tried to give a message to everyone about being more aware, loving, caring and most importantly more humane towards the street dogs. Though the intention and concept of the movie is good but still it looks bit stretched. Actress Rajashri Nikam has perfectly played her character. Ravi Kale and Radhika Deshpande have also worked good. Actress Janaki Pathak is a new fresh face here. She did a good job too.

Films songs Vanilla and Lek Laadachi are suitable as per the situations. Producer and Director Girish Vishwanath has also carried the responsibility of story, lyrics, dialogues, screenplay, costumes, etc on his shoulders. Songs are sung by the melodious singers Jawed Ali, Upagna Pandya and Rutuja Laad.

Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate is a film for diehard animal lovers. Location like Matheran is encashed well as the whole movie is filmed there.  Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate is coming to meet you in your nearest theatre this 16th November.


Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate Movie Review Vanilla Strawberry and Chocolate Movie ReviewVanilla Strawberry and Chocolate Movie Review