Rupali Bhosle Wins Best Supporting Actress Award for “Vinakaran Rajkaran”

Rupali Bhosle Wins Best Supporting Actress Award for

In a glittering celebration of cinema, the prestigious Ambernath Film Festival witnessed a remarkable moment as actress Rupali Bhosle was honored with the Best Supporting Actress award for her outstanding performance in “Vinakaran Rajkaran.” In her post to social media Rupali expressed her joy, stating, “This award is a significant milestone in my career. It’s not just an award; it’s a testament to the passion I have for cinema.”

Rupali Bhosle Wins Best Supporting Actress Award for "Vinakaran Rajkaran"

Reflecting on her journey, she shared a heartfelt sentiment, drawing parallels between the thrill of finding a seat in a darkened theatre and securing a role in the theatre of life. Rupali’s gratitude extended to the entire team behind “Vinakaran Rajkaran” and the Ambernath Film Festival. She has also shared that she has always wanted to do more films but she couldn’t get much opportunities for it. She has done a very few films and from those films this film has reached to the audience and they have loved her performance in it. This accolade marks a symbol of her dedication to the craft, resonating with the magical moments that movies create, both on and off the screen. As the applause reverberates, Rupali Bhosle stands tall, her talent shining brightly in the constellation of stars within the film industry.

Rupali expressed her elation, stating, “This award holds immense significance for me as it represents the essence of cinema. The journey to this field as an actress was akin to finding one’s seat in a dark theater, the anticipation, the heartbeat, and finally, the gratification of finding one’s place. I am profoundly thankful to the entire team of ‘Vinakaran Rajkaran’ and the Ambernath Film Festival for this honor.”

Rupali Bhosle Wins Best Supporting Actress Award for "Vinakaran Rajkaran"

Her portrayal illuminated the screen, bringing depth and authenticity to her character, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. This recognition not only highlights her talent but also symbolizes a promising future in the world of cinema.