Marathi serial ‘Tujhyat Jeev Ranglaha’ completed 300 episodes

Marathi serial 'Tujhyat Jeev Ranglaha' completed 300 episodes

Marathi serial ‘Tujhyat Jeev Ranglaha’ recently completed 300 th episodes. Written by Subodh Khanolkar, the show instantly became hit among television viewers, thanks to its thoughtfully crafted storyline that revolves around shy and illiterate wrestler from Kolhapur, Rana and highly educated school teacher, Anjali.

Audience fell in love with the realistic portrayal of the characters by popular television actors Hardik Joshi, Akshaya Deodhar and Dhanashri Kadgaonkar. The show is so popular that it is remade in Tamil language as Rekka Katti Parakkudhu Manasu. It is also remade in Kannada language as Jodi Hakki.

Ranvijay Gaikwad aka Rana Da is the elder son of Prataprao Gaikwad who is a big political personality of the village and also a minister. Rana is wrestler and a farmer too, but he is kind of illiterate as he never went to school. Being a wrestler he is following the rules of wrestling community and he should not talk or contact to any women except his own relatives. Rana has a younger brother Suraj Singh Gaikwad aka Sunny Da. Suraj is a brat and good for nothing, owing mainly to his bad habits such as spending his time by drinking & wandering in village with other brats and throwing parties just for show off. Suraj is married to Nandita. Playing a vamp she is very egoistic as she is also from the rich political Jadhav family. Nandita wants entire control on Gaikwad family hence her every intention is not letting Rana to get married, cause she is in dead fear that if Rana get married then automatically Rana’s spouse will become prime woman of the family, as the older son’s wife. Anjali is very smart and highly educated girl form town side. She is appointed as a school teacher in this village, also her father being a bank employee got transferred in this village. Anjali with her father and mother is staying in this village happily. One fine day she encounters with Rana and their story starts with friendship.

Star cast of ‘Tujhyat Jeev Ranglaha’
Hardik Joshi as Ranvijay Prataprao Gaikwad (Rana)
Akshaya Deodhar as Anjali Dinkar Pathak / Anjali Ranvijay Gaikwad
Dhanashri Kadgaonkar as Nandita Uttamrao Jadhav / Nandita Suraj Singh Gaikwad (Tai Saheb)
Raj Hanchanale as Suraj Singh Prataprao Gaikwad (Sunny Da)
Chhaya Sangaokar as Godakka
Amol Naik as Barkat
Prafulla aka Pappu Gawas as Mahajan Head Sir
Shanta Tambe as Anjali’s Grand Mother
Milind Ganesh Dastane as Minister Prataprao Gaikwad (Aaba/Mamanji)
Dipti Sonawane as Chanda
Shruti Kulkarni as Renu
Rudra Rakesh Revankar as Chota Rana
Sidhesh Mukund Khuperkar as Chota Suraj