Ek Nirnay | An Emotional Ride | Movie Review

Ek Nirnay Movie Review
Ek Nirnay | An Emotional Ride | Movie Review
  • Movie : Ek Nirnay… Swatahacha Swatasathi.
  • Genre : Drama.
  • Cast : Subodh Bhave, Madhura Welankar Satam, Kunjika Kalwint, Vikram Gokhale, Suhas Joshi, Pradeep Welankar, Sharad Ponkshe, Seema Deshmukh, Shrirang Deshmukh, Mangal Kenkre, Mugdha Godbole, Pratibha Date, Swapnali Patil, Surbhi Phadnis.
  • Producer, Director : Shrirang Deshmukh.
  • Story, Screenplay, Dialogues : Shrirang Deshmukh.
  • Duration : 2 h 21 m.
  • Rating : 3/5 stars.


Marathi film Ek Nirnay… Swatahacha Swatasathi released all over Maharashtra today. In this era where everyone is experimenting on different topics and biopics Ek Nirnay is a simple, touching but different film altogether. Each one of us has to take that one decision at some point in life which changes everything or let’s say it changes the whole life. Ek Nirnay is just apt about that type of story. It’s a story of Ishan (Subodh Bhave), Manasi (Kunjika Kalwint) and Mukta (Madhura Welankar). It’s about that one decision which changes everything for them.

Ishan is a pediatric surgeon. He is introvert but emotional. Mukta is a well known cardiac surgeon. She is ambitious and has some goals which are beneficial for the society. Manasi is a physiotherapist and a simple, sensitive girl. Story starts with Ishan and Manasi’s wedding. Their age difference creates curiosity. As the story progresses Manasi gets pregnant but she has to face the miscarriage and soon the reports say that due to some medial issue she can’t conceive ever again. Here Ishan and his family support Manasi in this situation but also everyone is hurt because of this misfortune. Mukta’s computer has a wallpaper of Ishan; which creates the curiosity. Here when Mukta is achieving higher goals in her career she gets an invite for her felicitation in London; but unfortunately during that period when her parents Mr. Bhalchandra Bhandarkar (Vikram Gokhale) and Kusum Bhandarkar (Mangal Kenkre) leave for that event their plane crashes and they lose their lives. Here this unfortunate incident emotionally shakes the strong Mukta and all of sudden she feels the emptiness because now she has no one left. At this point she understands the importance of having someone and she decides to become a mother. But for this she asks Ishan to donate her sperm. Now this is the most interesting and main part of the story.

Ek Nirnay Movie Review

Why she makes such demand to Ishan? What is their relationship? Why does she need this so much? What will be Ishan’s stand on this? What will be the future of Ishan and Manasi’s marriage? How will Manasi react on this situation? How their family is reacting about all this? The story revolves around all these questions. Ek Nirnay has a good concept and a different execution of it. In the first half suspense is created so the audience is hooked. It makes the second half more interesting which also reveals many secrets.

All the actors have performed their parts very well whether it be lead actors, family or supporting cast. Everyone looks convincing. Subodh Bhave is as usual amazing and even with very less dialogues he expresses himself very well. Madhura Welankar has once again proved that a good actor always remains good and keeps getting better and better with passing time and experience. It’s her comeback movie after 5 years but she has done the full justice to the character and to her fans. Kunjika Kalwint has done a very good job for the debut film. She has looked and acted beautiful and there is innocence in her acting. Of course there is no need to mention that when we have so many big stars in one film then of course their performances are just up to the mark. The only thing is story looks bit stretched other than that it’s worth a watch.

Ek Nirnay Movie Review

Music and songs are good and they work apt for the situations. Songs are penned down by Vaibhav Joshi and music is done by Kamlesh Bhadkamkar. He Bare Zale and Laata Kinaryashi Kujbujlya are more interesting ones though. Rohan Deshmukh is debuting as a music composer with this film with the song Tujhya Smrutinche and he has done a beautiful job. Captain of the ship director Shrirang Deshmukh has his share of popularity as an actor but he is debuting as a director with this film and it looks like he has done it successfully.

We wish the team Ek Nirnay all the best from MarathiCelebs.Com.


Ek Nirnay Movie Review Ek Nirnay Movie Review Ek Nirnay Movie Review Ek Nirnay Movie Review