143 Is A Love Story Beyond All Conventional Concepts | Movie Review

143 Movie Review
  • Movie: 143.
  • Genre: Romance / Drama.
  • Cast: Yogesh Pandurang Bhosale, Vrushabh Shah, Sheetal Ahirrao, Shashank Shende, Suresh Vishwakarma.
  • Director: Yogesh Pandurang Bhosale.
  • Producer: Virkumar Shah.
  • Production – Sharda Film Productions.
  • Screenplay, Dialogues, Story: Dr. Bhalchandra Gaikwad.
  • Rating: 4.5/5 stars.


Love is a most powerful thing a person can feel and have in life but this most beautiful thing often doesn’t come easy. Yogesh Pandurang Bhosale’s directorial 143 is a beautiful Marathi film which has captured the soul of this beautiful feeling called Love in this story and has created the magic on the big screen. What is it actually? Let’s have a sneak peek of what this story has for us.

143 Movie Review

A simple meaning of 143 is I Love You. Just 3 words but it can be totally miraculous. This story is about Madhu (Sheetal Ahirrao) – Vishu (Yogesh Pandurang Bhosale) and their blooming love. These 2 lovebirds live in a small town where still the caste system plays a big role in people’s lives. Madhu is dashing yet loving girl who falls in love with decent Vishu who is a loving and responsible son of Kalya (Shashank Shende). But as mentioned earlier love doesn’t come easy, Madhu and Vishu’s love story is also not that easy. Not only caste and money problems but their love needs to go through many more cruel tests; where, a strong yet dreadful politician Rangnathrao Birajdar Sheth (Suresh Vishwakarma) and the cruelest villain Aananta (Vrushabh Shah) cause unimaginable problems for this couple. But will this couple be able to survive these challenges and can their love actually survive amongst everything? What will Kalya do in this horrible situation? How will he protect his son? And till what extent Aananta and Birajdar Sheth will go to make it worse for Madhu and Vishu? The story revolves around all these factors and it evolves like a perfect mixture of drama, action, suspense, thrill and still it doesn’t lose its essence of romance and love. Yet it moves with many unexpected twists and turns.143 Movie Review

Director Yogesh Pandurang Bhosale has not only directed the film with his creative vision but he has made Vishu’s character live with his fabulous work as an actor. Sheetal Ahirrao looks promising as Madhu. Vrushabh Shah portrays a villain in such a manner that the terror can actually be felt. Shashank Shende once again proves how composed and a proficient actor he is. Suresh Vishwakarma doesn’t fail to prove his worth as a versed actor. Other actors have also contributed to the story in an important way with their performances. The story keeps a hold on you since the beginning and till the interesting climax.

143 Movie Review143 doesn’t only has powerful story but it’s highly rich in music and other technical departments as well. All the songs are composed by P. Shankaram. Bharali Ura Madhi song is penned by Lakhan Chaudhari, Padala Khatka is penned by P. Shankaram and Murad Tamboli, Dhingana Crowd is written by Amitabh Arya and Vachu De Ishkacha Praan is penned by Murad Tamboli. All these songs suit perfectly to the situations and they stay with you even after the film. Each song makes you feel the emotions to the core. Popular singers like Anand Shinde, Arya Ambekar, Reshma Sonawane, P. Shankaram and Pramod Tripathi has sung these songs in their amazing voices. Cinematography, screenplay and dialogues play vital role in this film’s success. Story, screenplay and dialogues are by Dr. Bhalchandra Gaikwad. This film is produced by Virkumar Shah under the banner of Sharda Film Productions.


143 is not only a film with power packed performances by the actors but it has the perfect blend of all the important aspects which make a movie superhit. This movie proves that Marathi cinema is rich in content. Even before the release this movie had already created the buzz on social media and now it’s showing it’s magic successfully in theatres. We give this movie 4.5 stars and wish all the best to the whole team of 143.



143 Movie Review 143 Movie Review 143 Movie Review 143 Movie Review