Watch Trailer of Machiwarla Budha

Machiwarla Budha is based on G. N. Dandekars popular Novel by the same name. This film depicts the realities of true happiness. In the present date, it has been observed that there is a mad rush of the new generation to attain happiness through artificial means such as palatial bungalows, through fun & frolic, through media and entertainment and various other sources.

Does one get real happiness through such means? One should avoid receiving happiness through artificial means as they are momentary and does not entitle to mental and emotional satisfaction. Money can buy rich and leisurely things, money can give you momentary short-lived pleasures but can’t buy you true happiness.

In the movie “Machivarla Budha” the hero of the film withdraws himself from all leisurely pleasures. He escapes the comfortable life style of Mumbai city and deserts himself from this business minded world and resides at a scenic beautiful place in the lap of nature “RajMachi”. The film depicts how the lead character bonds with the flora & fauna and lives a truly happy life in non commercial and generous realm of mother nature. He rather establishes a selfless relationship and finds happiness among the birds, the animals, the trees, the leaves and the flowers. The film “Machivarla Budha” has a wonderful message for people from all age groups, whether young or old, about how to live a peaceful life in co-existence and harmony with nature.