Veteran Actor Anant Jog To Play Villain In Julie 2 | Exclusive Interview

Veteran Actor Anant Jog To Play Villain In Julie 2 | Exclusive Interview

Veteran Actor Anant Jog is a name which doesn’t need any specific introduction. Due to his amazing acting skills he is one of the best actors of M town and B town for no doubt. He is well known as a villain and plays each character with amazing intensity which makes his work very powerful. He is soon going to work in Bollywood film Julie 2 as a villain. The film is releasing on 10th November 2017. It is directed by Deepak Shivdasani and produced by Deepak Shivdasani, Pahlaj Nihlani and Vijay Nair. On the occasion of this film we decided to have a chat with veteran actor Anant Jog. Let’s see what he has for us.


  • MarathiCelebs : Hello and welcome to MarathiCelebs.Com sir. What would you like to share about Julie 2 ?
  • Anant Jog : Julie 2 is an interesting film. Director Deepak Shivdasani has made a comeback after many years and went through many troubles for this project. His efforts paid off. The film is releasing on this Friday i.e. 10th November 2017.


  • MarathiCelebs : What would you like to tell us about your role ?
  • Anant Jog : I’m playing a producer in this film. He is a villain and womanizer. When I heard the script I decided to do this film. It’s not like a main villain but yes it is very important character for the story.


  • MarathiCelebs : The film and role seems good. Now, we would like to know more about you. Your acting career so far is very impressive and you are well known as villain. How does it feel to known as villain ?
  • Anant Jog : I feels good. It’s my work and people know me by it, so it’s good. I feel happy and proud.


  • MarathiCelebs : Does this image affects your personal life ? Would you like to share any experiences ?
  • Anant Jog : Yes it definitely affects. I stay alone. I lost my wife few years back and I don’t get any maid because they all are afraid of me. Even when I get any maid after much struggle then she always keeps the door open while working because of the fear. I have told her many times I’m not that kind of a person, I have a daughter who is married; but impact of the roles is much bigger on people’s minds. Also, whenever I go to any place like for any event or anything then many women who are there they immediately start to feel awkward. They have this mindset that I’m a villain in real life too.


  • MarathiCelebs : Do you feel irritated because of this ?
  • Anant Jog : I feel irritated only because I don’t get the domestic help. Other than that I don’t have any problem.


  • MarathiCelebs : People know you only as villain but we would like to know about you from you, how is Anant Jog as a person in real life ?
  • Anant Jog : I am not a villain in real life. Those are just characters I play. In my opinion I am a good person. I’m very practical and rational. I’m an atheist and I’m much disciplined.


  • MarathiCelebs : There is no doubt that you are one of the best actors. What do you think are your strengths which helped you succeed ?
  • Anant Jog : The most important thing is your luck factor. Other than this your talent. An actor should be a learner always who grows more. You should learn from other actors, you can analyze people, so you have to keep your ears and eyes open. Also you should be completely loyal to your work and has to be punctual. Because if you will respect time then time will respect you. If you don’t want to be unsuccessful in this field then you must value time.


  • MarathiCelebs : Would you like to give any message to new actors ?
  • Anant Jog : New actors are very good and intelligent than our generation; as it’s proved that next generation is always more smart and intelligent. I would just like to suggest them to value the time to grow them more.


  • MarathiCelebs : You are an inspiration for many actors but who is your inspiration ?
  • Anant Jog : No one specific but any good actor/actress who works good is my inspiration. I like Vidya Balan. In movie Fashion I liked Kangana Ranaut’s work but at the same time I liked Priyanka’s work too. It doesn’t matter whether the artist is senior or junior than me. It’s their work which inspires me.


Thank you so much for talking to MarathiCelebs.Com sir. We wish you all the very best for Julie 2 and future projects.

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