Talav Movie Review: Annoying & Ordinary


Movie Review: Talav (2017)
Genre: Romance
Rating: 1/5
Starcast: Saurabh Gokhale, Sanjay Khapre, Priyanka Raut, Navneet Phondke
Director: Jaybhim Kamble
Written by: Tejas Marathe & Kalyani Mitragotri

We Indians, have an unending appetite for romantic films. We love to see young people romancing and spending lovely moments with each other on screen. The movie tries to center its story on a lake (Talav) which is not that picturesque in the first place.

Siddhu (Sourabh Gokhale) is a young man who loves helping people in the village. He wants to become collector and is working hard to achieve his dream. Kadambari (Priyanka Raut) is the daughter of the headmaster. Kadambari is a writer who keeps on smiling throughout the film. Destiny introduces Siddhu and Kadambari and they fall in love. The couple spend some good times together and Kadambari demands Siddhu to give her something beautiful. Siddhu surprises her by gifting one of the lakes (Talav) from the village. There love blossoms just like the vastness of the lake. But every story has a conflict in it and similarly over here, Dhananjay (Sanjay Khapre) plays the bad guy who holds grudges for Siddhu. Siddhu’s love interest Kadambari gives Dhananjay a reason to take his revenge and make it even with Siddhu. He tries to play it dirty with Kadambari in his own vicious ways. He molests her and becomes aggressive and tries to cross those limits to fulfill his wishes and desires. Will Siddhu be able to protect his love Kadambari from Dhananjay?

Priyanka Raut & Sourabh Gokhale in TALAV Movie

Sourabh Gokhale comes up as a decent actor. Priyanka Raut carries herself pretty well in distinctive costumes, however, acting is something which is a different ball game altogether. She has been barely able to lift off any scene. Sandeep Khapre plays a negative role and is a saving grace. He delivers dialogues with great eloquence, however, is capable of far better performance. Debutante director Jaybhim Kamble comes up with a movie in which the story is filled with numerous flaws. With an absolutely vague and directionless script, the film fails to hold attention. He has tried to fish in troubled waters, in order to take some strategic advantage, however, he has messed it up big time and what has been delivered is a disaster.

The song “’TUJHYA SAVE‘’ is a romantic song and is right on the money. The music is composed by Aashish Ambekar which provides a perfect setting and the lyrics are penned by Rahul Kale. Voice of Mangesh Chavhan and Kadambarri Nimkar Joshi is soothing to the ears and the lead pair of Saurabh Gokhale and Priyanka Raut is a visual treat to watch. The devotional songs “Morya Re Bappa Morya Re” and “Gondhal Mandla” are entertaining.

Talav becomes one of those ordinary films, with very basic script and which is further let down by the execution. The close angles taken are extremely annoying. The length of the film is another deterrent. On the whole, Talav can be avoided as it offers nothing new and hence it’s not recommended to swim in those troubled waters.