Swwapnil Joshi Owns Team ‘Vidarbha Wagh’ Of Maharashtra Wrestling League

Swwapnil Joshi
Swwapnil Joshi Owns Team ‘Vidarbha Wagh’ Of Maharashtra Wrestling League

After Cricket and Kabaddi now Maharashtra’s popular game wrestling (kusti) is also ready to start a league. Marathi superstars will own the teams. Popular actor Swwapnil Joshi who is also known as a chocolate hero of Maharashtra has always entertained audience with his various projects and roles. Now he has a new surprise for all his fans. He is now the proud owner of team ‘Vidarbha Wagh’ of Maharashtra Wrestling League (Maharashtra Kusti League). He is very excited about this and is ready for this new responsibility.

While talking about his team ‘Vidarbha Wagh’ Swwapnil said “We Vidarbha Wagh. I always had affection towards ground games, I was very passionate about it; but I didn’t get an opportunity to do anything for sports or to keep practicing any game constantly. And all of a sudden I got a chance to own the team of such a big wrestling league. Because of this opportunity I can at least encourage the players who work hard to keep these games alive. I can never repay the love I got from Maharashtra as an actor but it’s my sincere attempt to do something for Maharashtra’s pride, wrestling game. I am thankful to ‘Zee Maharashtra Kusti Dangal’ for giving me this opportunity. I am sure you all will give as much love to my team as you gave me”.

ना तमा कशाची ना कुणाचा धाक

मैदान मारून नेतील विदर्भाचे वाघ…

आम्ही वाघ येतोय, प्रतिद्वंदींची शिकार करायला अणि तुमची मनं जिंकायला !

Everyone is excited about these wrestling matches because of ‘Maharashtra Kusti Dangal’. Six teams will be playing the matches during 2nd to 18th November 2018 at Balewadi stadium, Pune.


Swwapnil Joshi Swwapnil Joshi




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