Smita Gondkar Interview: I love adventure sports


We had a little chat with the popular and versatile actor Smita Gondkar about her upcoming films, her aspirations and her passion for adventure sports. Let’s find out more about it through Smita’s perspective.

Marathicelebs: Can you tell us about your movies releasing in 2017 and also about the upcoming movie “Bhay”, the role you have portrayed in it?
Smita: “Bhay“is my first movie which is getting released in March 2017. Besides “Bhay”, there are other movies like “18 only” and “Love Betting” which are scheduled, however their release dates are not yet declared. When it comes to “Bhay”, story and screenplay are the two key aspects of this movie. I am playing the wife of Abhijeet Khandkekar, who has played the lead role in this psychological thriller. It is definitely a window to look inside the minds of people, who are suffering from Schizophrenia. We have no idea what these people go through and the way, society reacts to their behavior. You can have various types of mental illness and to reach out for help is very important. If someone is visiting a psychiatrist, it does not necessarily mean that he has some mental disorder. The story is perfectly placed and interlinked with its lead characters and is definitely an entertainer.

Marathicelebs: You will be performing on a Lavani in “Manus ek Mati”. Have you learned Lavani dance form which is so popular in Maharashtra?
Smita: I am basically a Latin dancer and my body is also apt for Latin American dances like Salsa and Bachata. I started performing on Latin dances, since I passed out from school, unfortunately, I never got a chance to perform on those lines in Marathi Industry. smita-gondkar-interviewPredominately in our movies, the dance form is based on Bollywood style. Even “Papi de Parula” song was more on Bollywood lines or folk form. I have put an effort to learn and understand the steps on Lavani and this is the first time I have performed on a Lavani. I had my fears, as to how I will perform on Lavani, which is noted for its powerful rhythm and how will it look, but I hope it has come out really well.

Marathicelebs: What inspires you more theatre or films?
Smita: Theatre and films are a different ball game altogether. I am working for a Marathi drama called “Saujanyachi Aishi Taishi”. There is a fundamental difference when we contrast theatre to films – it is in the relationship of the performer with the live audience. At the heart of the theatre experience is the performer – audience relationship: the immediate, personal exchange whose chemistry and magic give theatre its special quality. If you are working with someone like Kedar Shinde, it’s a unique experience for a simple reason that he has his own way of directing a play. I acknowledge the fact that both theatre and films have their own challenges and advantages, however I personally like doing both.

smita-gondkar-interview-marathicelebsMarathicelebs: Do you miss Biking or other Adventure sports?
Smita: I miss it, definitely! My Biking bit is taking a little backseat these days. The last race I did was almost a year back, 8-9 months back to be specific. Then in the month of October 2016, I was supposed to participate in a rally, which was one of the most difficult rallies not only in India, but also at an international standard. But, unfortunately, a month before that race, I had a knee injury, which is still taking its time to heal, as it is something that takes really long to heal & get recovered. But in 2017, you will definitely see me participating in the race.
Meanwhile, I have received an inquiry from a famous TV channel for a stunt biking related show. So, if anything else doesn’t clash with it, I might do the show. It’s been very long and I am looking forward to connect with my biking fans.

Marathicelebs: Does your family support you in your adventure activities?
Smita: I consider myself fortunate enough that my brother also has a passion for adventure sports and he does support me well. So when I am busy in shooting, promoting my films, etc., he looks after all the things and constantly encourages me to follow the things, which I like to do. He has been a great support to me and I extend the credit to my brother for keeping my passion alive.
Kayaking and rowing have also been my passion. I was a captain of my team and used to represent Maharashtra. Though, I have not been into it for years, I look forward to those opportunities as well.

Smita! Thanks a lot for speaking with We wish you further success in your future endeavor.

Written by: Tejas Marathe