Shilpa Desai Interview: I am playing a London return girl in ‘Lagna Mubarak’


Shilpa Desai, a talented girl without any filmy background enters the Marathi entertainment industry and becomes one of the most glamorous actresses. So, what made her achieve this? What made her come here? Well, let’s get all the answers with this exclusive interview below with none other than Shilpa Desai.

    • Tell us something about your background and about yourself.
    • My father works in railway and my mother is a homemaker. I have an elder sister who is married and I am an Engineering topper from D. Y. Patil College. I am currently single and want to focus on my career right now. I am an extrovert & fun loving person. I like to stay fit.

    • When did you decide to enter acting career?
    • When I was in the last year of my college that time I was introduced to theatre which was my college theatre group. While doing it I got recognition and a chance to do a role in Star Pravah’s serial Laxmi Vs Sarasvati. When I was playing that role I felt that this is what I wanted to do. This acting career is really close to me and I decided to make it my profession.

    • Tell us something about your projects so far.
    • Well as mentioned before I have done Laxmi Vs Sarasvati serial. Apart from that I have done many plays, to name few I would say about two plays, one is comic titled Love Day Loot and other one is drama genre titled About Turn. Abut Turn is an ongoing project. It shows the story of a very young couple. When the girl gets pregnant & how this couple deals with this situation. It was a challenging role for me. It shows their journey from innocence to maturity. Another project was Indradhanushi show on Sahyadri channel. I also did a short cameo in Star Pravah’s Are Vedya Mana serial. At college level and at professional level my plays have won prizes in big competitions like Pu. La. Deshpande Mahakarandak & Prithvi Art’s Thespo.

    • What are your forthcoming projects?
    • I am coming up in a different shade which is anchoring with a new show Moraya. It is a devotional travel show but much away from superstitions. Maharashtra is blessed with many temples, some known and some unknown. In this show we have tried to show particularly Lord Ganesha’s unknown temples from remote places and we have found 151. During this show I started writing my travel diary in form of blog. Also, I am playing a character of a London return girl Jenny in upcoming film Lagna Mubarak, directed & written by Sagar Pathak. In this movie Sanjay Jadhav is acting for the first time.

    • Lagn Mubarak is a big film, how did you get this opportunity?
    • Well, as we all know our industry values talent more than anything. Like any other actor I was looking out for a big project so I decided to give an audition for this role. They have also seen my previous work so everything worked out and I got this opportunity. It’s a really big project and to work with celebrities like Sanjay Jadhav, Prarthana Behere on such a project, is like a complete feast for a hungry actor like me who wants to grow, who wants to learn.

    • Do you have any dream role?
    • I would like to do women oriented roles. I want to play a heroine who is the hero of the film.

  • Do you have any role model or inspiration?
  • Not exactly as role model but I do admire good work, fitness and few such things. To name few people I would like to say Milind Soman, Madhubala, Priyanka Chopra, etc.

Thank you so much for talking to Shilpa ! We wish you all the very best for your career ahead.