Sanskruti Balgude Interview: Shivya Is Ultimate Expression Of Our Emotions

Sanskruti Balgude Interview

“Shivya” is an upcoming Marathi movie which promises to be different and tries to connect with adults. We had a little chat with the popular actor Sanskruti Balgude, who plays the lead role in this and took her views on how she looks at the topic which has created curiosity amongst the masses. Let’s try to zoom in and find out more about it through Sanskruti’s perspective.

Marathicelebs: Can you tell us about your upcoming movie “Shivya” and the role you have portrayed in it?
Sanskruti: Sharvari is the name of the character which I am playing. Sharvari is a cute, happy-go-lucky and cheerful girl. Raghav is her love interest and her boyfriend. Raghav is the one who gives lots of Shivya and it has become his habit. It is sharvari’s role to keep a check and convince him to avoid usage of abusive language. It is this habit of Raghav which creates difference of opinion between them one day. Raghav realizes his mistake and tries to refrain using bad language. This is a simple entertainment film which is a mix of the genre like Romance, Action and Drama.

Marathicelebs: Do you use bad language in your regular life? If not, did you went with some training on abusive words as far as “Shivya” is concerned? How did you improve your vocabulary when it comes to slang words?
Sanskruti: Hahahaha. I didn’t take any training to increase my vocabulary as far as slang language is concerned. To be very honest, I still don’t understand many abusive words, neither have I used them. Probably it is that “F” word which I use sometimes, nevertheless, I don’t consider it as Shivi, since it is widely used these days. Actually, I have not given more than two Shivya; s in this movie. Piyush Ranade is the villain in this movie and he is at the receiving end when I have used Shivya’s.

Marathicelebs: Is there anything you hope people will take away from this film?
Sanskruti: We are not trying to preach anything through this film as far as using Shivya is concerned. We have clearly stayed away from giving any philosophy or gyan on this. It does not mean that we are promoting people to use abusive language. People don’t create a good impression when they use slang language. So, we have given a subtle message here which people will inevitably get through the film. I am sure that people will have at least one message as a takeaway while heading back home. But yes, the film is not for kids.

Marathicelebs: Do you think sometimes it is prudent to use slang language because certain people understand things when conveyed in a particular way?
Sanskruti: Definitely. The fact remains that it is not good to abuse anyone. However, sometimes the situations, circumstances & behaviours are so weird and unpredictable, that people end up giving Shivya in a flow. I can’t deny that there are certain people who can’t understand unless and until it’s told in an obnoxious way. I don’t think I can ever display that body language wherein I can abuse anyone looking straight in their eyes. However, just like Dog’s Tail can never be straightened, one needs to deal with some people in an unorthodox way.

Marathicelebs: How was your experience working with Piyush Ranade?
Sanskruti: Piyush is dear friend and I used to call him dada (laughs). He is a fantastic actor and is playing the role of a villain in this film. He is not a typical villain over here, but the coolness in his negative character is worth mentioning. His scenes and sequences are logically worked out in this film and he has nailed them. I really enjoyed working with Piyush and will definitely love to work with him in future.

Sanskruti! Thanks a lot for speaking with and all the best for your movie “Shivya” releasing on 21st April 2017. We wish you further success for your future endeavour.