Sakar Raut Interview

From the Director’s desk: Sakar Raut

We had a little chat with the talented director Sakal Raut about his upcoming films, his views on the direction and his inspirations in life. Let’s find out more about it through Sakal’s perspective.

Marathicelebs: There are two movies scheduled for release this month (Sangharsh Yatra & Shivya) which are directed by you. Can you tell us more about Sangharsh Yatra which is releasing on 14th April & your experiences related to it?

Sakar Raut: Sangharsh Yatra was in a way, a real struggle for all of us. Its release dates were changed twice because of some roadblocks, but finally, the movie is releasing on 14th April 2017 and the team is happy about it. There are many cuts because of which the structure of the film has changed. As far as experience or learning is concerned, I would like to say that one should not take things for granted or on its face value. The practical possibilities and risks associated should be evaluated first before going for a big bang approach.

Marathicelebs: How is “Sangharsh Yatra” different from “Shivya”? Apart from the genre, what is the difference between these two films?

Sakar Raut: We started making Sangharsh Yatra as a biopic and ended up making a fictional movie. There were few external forces because of which the genre of Sangharsh Yatra got drastically changed. If one removes some 10-15 critical pages in a story which constitute the main plot points and conflicts, it loses its connectivity and momentum. This is what has happened, however, I am glad that the movie is finally getting released on 14th April 2017. Shivya has drama as its genre and is out an out a commercial movie. “Shivya” is about a common man who uses slang language in his daily life. One incident brings a revolutionary change in his thinking and he refrains himself from using bad language or Shivya. The movie is about what he does to maintain control on his language. We are not promoting usage of Shivya neither we are giving any philosophy. We have tried to show how one can control himself from using Shivya in front of parents, senior citizens, and children. The film is releasing on 21st April with an “A” rating.

Marathicelebs: “Shivya” word as a title has raised curiosity amongst masses? Don’t you think it was a daring attempt?

Sakar Raut: I agree with your point. In fact lot of people asked me that how is the middle class or common man in Maharashtra going to react. I have been very candid about it. If a Bollywood movie like “Delhi Belly” ends up doing good business in Maharashtra than why can’t a Marathi movie? If the Marathi manus openly embraces “Delhi Belly”, why can’t he appreciate “Shivya”?  I am sure that the family audience will love Shivya and get connected to its theme.

Marathicelebs: As a director, what were the qualities which you think made a big difference to the output of “Shivya”?

Sakar Raut: I think it is teamwork which matters the most and it is not an individual effort. We attracted the young talent and the oldest person in our group was 30. That way, we were able to bring new ideas, creativity, and innovation on table. Our team was strong and good coordination was one of the cardinal reason, which uplifted the film.

Marathicelebs: Which particular filmmaker has inspired you the most?

Sakar Raut: I seriously feel that Dadasaheb Phalke is my inspiration. Our country is still widely known for 3 things – Politics, Cricket and Cinema. Dadasaheb Phalke was one of the pioneers when it comes to Filmmaking. He was instrumental in learning the craft and successfully made a film when the internet didn’t even exist. Though, we call him Father of Indian Cinema, the only distress is Dadasaheb Phalke has not been awarded “Bharat Ratna” yet.

Sakar! Thanks a lot for speaking with We wish you further success in your future endeavor.

Written by: Tejas Marathe