One Way Ticket Movie Review


One Way Ticket Movie Review
RATING : 3.0 stars
CAST : Shashank Ketkar, Amruta Khanvilkar, Gashmeer Mahajani, Neha Mahajan, Sachit Patil
DIRECTION : Amol Shetge, Kamal Nathani.
PRODUCTION : Click Flick Films.
GENRE : Suspense Thriller, Romance
DURATION : 1 hour 30 mins.
LYRICS : Mandar Cholkar, Ashwini Shende.
CINEMATOGRAPHY : Rupang Aacharya.


One Way Ticket is the suspense thriller which includes romance genre as beautifully as possible. Aaditya, Shivani & Aniket’s love triangle makes movie more interesting to watch. Similarly there is a love story of Samar & Urvashi also, which is still raw yet deep.

Samar Raj & Urvashi are bloggers of today’s world. Samar’s photography & Urvashi’s write ups, this is the form of their blog. Samar is a poetic person who has the understanding of people. Urvashi is his assistant and she likes Samar.

Aniket(Shashank Ketkar) is a young guy from a small town Satawade in Pimpri Chinchwad near Pune. He gets a call regarding job offer in Italy, He is already fade up with Indian system. He doesn’t want to lose this opportunity of going out. For this job he pays a big amount of money. When he reaches to Genoa he misses out his bus to the job and feels like everything is lost now. When he tries to go back, while walking on a road a sudden gang war starts & one person dies in it.

Then he finds a wallet containing passport, one cruise ticket and some Euros near the dead body. As Aniket is left with nothing he grabs that wallet. Then he decides to use this cruise ticket as his return ticket to Rome.

When he reaches on the cruise – COSTA FORTUNA, he meets remaining 5 characters of the film. All are strangers but still connected to each other in one or other way. So now the suspense story revolves around how he meets them and where this cruise journey leads to.

Before interval there is an entry of a new character Joseph D’Costa. This creates curiosity. Suspense remains till end of the film and that is what holds viewers till climax.


The characterisation of all characters seems quite strong and their performance is worth a watch. As this is Shashank Ketkar’s debut film still he has played his role wonderfully and given a complete justice to his character. In this one film there are different stories going simultaneously. These stories are connected to each other.

Foreign locations like Italy, France and Spain are a sure visual treat to eyes. Also It’s a first Marathi film which is shot on cruise so this is the plus point of film. All the songs of movie are good but Reshami Reshami and Befikara are the best tracks. All the characters are carried nicely by the actors.

Film justifies with it’s name One Way Ticket. The story goes and grows towards the title. Story is strong but while watching it feels like first half is taken too slow and the other half is too fast.

The movie is worth a watch.

One Way Ticket Movie Review