Nadi Vahate (22 Sept 2017)

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Movie : Nadi Vahate (2017) | नदी वाहते
Genre : Drama, Social
Producer : Sandeep Sawant, Neeraja Patwardhan
Director : Sandeep Sawant
Studio : Sahaj Film Private Limited
StarCast :
Vasant Josalkar as Guruji
Poonam Shetgaonkar as Anagha
Asha Shelar as Anagha’s Mother
Hridaynath Jadhav as Bhau
Jayant Gadekar as Appa Naik
Abhishekh Aanand as Akash
Shivkumar Subramaniam as Project Head
Gajanan Zarmekar as Prakash
Mahadev Sawant as Tukaram
Vishnupad Barve as Mangesh
Bhushan Vikas as Mr. Kachre
Story, Screenplay : Sandeep Sawant
Music : Tushar & Jairaj
Sound Designer : Suhas Rane
Background Score : Tushar & Jairaj
Cinematography (DOP) : Sanjay Memane
Editor : Niraj Voralia
Art Director : Neeraja Patwardhan
Costumes : Neeraja Patwardhan
Release Date : 22 Sept 2017

After Shwaas, director Sandeep Sawant brings new film ‘Nadi Vahate’

Synopsis : Should my river be saved? This is the question that drives the entire film. A group of youngsters in one of the villages along the river bank is trying to earn their livelihood by involving their river, Antee and agriculture in their efforts. One day they find out that Antee is going to be blocked and a huge project is planned. Questions arise. What will become of their work? Our group faces a strong and increasing political and social hostility from everywhere, but their energy, their efforts are undefeated. The future is unknown, but efforts are inevitable. Their quest continues..