‘Let’s Talk : चला बोलूया’ | Short Web Series Gives Huge Message

As we all know in today’s world there is a huge attraction of virtual world and life is a race. But have we ever noticed that in this fast life apart from the virtual world there is a real world which is losing its importance. Today we can chat for several hours but can we talk our hearts out to our near and dear ones in person? What if we are too late to notice the importance of sharing and caring? What if we can’t talk in time? What will be the consequences? Well there is an answer for all these whats and ifs. Pushkaraj Chirputkar is all set to make people aware with his web series ‘Let’s Talk : चला बोलूया’. This web series is already capturing everyone’s attention with its unique concept. It holds you till the end. The series has 3 episodes and is made for social awareness. Let’s see what beautiful message is awaiting us.