Here’s how I got my first film – Shashank Ketkar Interview


As we all know, we are going to sail on the cruise of Marathi upcoming movie One Way Ticket on 23rd Sept 2016. So, before this exciting moment we had a little chat with our handsome hunk Shashank Ketkar about his debut film. So, let’s find out more aspects of One Way Ticket through Shashank’s perspective.

Marathicelebs : How did you get your first movie One Way Ticket?
Shashank : I would like to have a look back for this particular question, when I was quite new in this industry. I was acting in the serial Rang Maza Wegla on Saam Marathi channel. During that time I met producer Suresh Pai. The introduction went well. When he was looking for actors as a cast of One Way Ticket, he remembered me for the character of Aniket in film. I was doing Honar Sunn Me Ya Gharchi on Zee Marathi at that time. HSMYG was about to end and my play Gosht Tashi Gamtichi was also going well. I got many offers for films but I was looking for a subject which will be always remembered. I wanted a different film and One Way Ticket has that spark.

Marathicelebs : Tell us about your role?shashank OWT
Shashank : Basically it is a suspense thriller. I am playing the character of Aniket who is a small town young boy who goes to Europe to pursue his dreams. Whole story revolves around him. How he follows his dreams, how the problems create while doing all this & how he manages to solve all of them with the help of remaining characters, this is the one line of One Way Ticket. This film is shot on an Italian cruise & has Europe locations – Italy, France & Spain. It’s a first film in Marathi on such a huge grandeur. Many people ask me whether it is the remake of bollywood movie Dil Dhadakne Do? But no, it’s just a co-incidence that both films have shot on cruise. This is not the remake.

Marathicelebs : How is your working equation with your co-stars?
Shashank : Since I am working as an actor fortunately, I always got a chance to work with senior actors like Manoj Joshi, Prasad Oak. I always enjoyed there company as a learning process. Like how they gather themselves. I always grew by experience and knowledge while working with them. As cinema was a new medium for me all my co-stars were senior in this medium. They have done many movies till now. So yes I would say that it was a learning experience and very nice.

Marathicelebs : Which medium excites you? Film, TV or Theatre?
Shashank : I like to write. I am a sensitive person by nature so, I like to express. Through my writing I was always connected with this creative field but I realised that if I become an actor then I can express myself well through different characters and roles. So, I would say all these mediums are the platforms for me to express myself better.

Shashank! Thanks a lot for speaking with We wish you further success in your future endeavour.

Written By : Divya Thakur