Garbh Movie Review: Predictable & Old Fashioned


Movie Review: Garbh
Genre: Drama
Rating: 1.5/5
Starcast: Siya Patil, Sushant Shelar, Nishigandha Wad, Anant Jog, Yatin Karyekar, Vandana Waknis, Pallavi Vaidya, RJ Dilip.
Director: Subhash Ghorpade
Written by: Tejas Marathe & Kalyani Mitragotri

We are in the 21st century, however, women still have to face many challenges on social and personal front. There are movies made before which were women centric and speaks vividly about the trials and tribulations which a women undergoes during her pregnancy. A women goes through various phases in her life and “Garbh” talks about the inner chaos and the circumstances surrounding a woman in difficult times. From a simple college going girl who falls in love, to a daughter, wife, mother & daughter-in-law, the protagonist here plays various challenging roles during the transitions in various stages of her life.

Kavita (Siya Patil) is living with her aunt who takes good care of her. However, her uncle (Anant Jog) is opportunistic and greedy. On the pretext of giving role in theatre, Kavita is abused and treated improperly by her own uncle and theatre owner. The situation is about to turn ugly, when Kavita is rescued by Rahul (Sushant Shelar). Rahul is very caring and decent person. Love blossoms between the two, since Kavita gets impressed by Rahul’s maturity and overall sense of responsibility which he displays. The love birds marry each other and start leaving a happy life. Kavita conceives and the couple prepares to give a royal welcome to the child. Destiny, however, has something else written for them. Rahul meets with a road accident and needs to undergo surgery in order to survive. The amount required to treat Rahul is enormous. Kavita tries to arrange the money and contacts Rahul’s boss. Though Rahul’s boss agrees, his wife asks Kavita her child in the bargain. Kavita has to save Rahul at any cost and on the other side, she might have to sacrifice her child, whom she has carried in her womb for 9 months. To what extent will Kavita go to save her husband? If she is supposed to choose between her child & husband, whom she will go for?

Garbh Marathi Movie Review

Performance wise we see good acting from Sushant Shelar, Siya Patil and other side actors like Yatin Karyekar, Anant Jog and Nishigandha Wad. Siya Patil makes her comeback and looks convincing in her role. Her life goes through various tragic phases and she plays them well. Director Subhash Ghorpade has shown us the twists and turns in an over structured manner, making it predictive.

The song ‘Pahilya Premacha‘ is a romantic song. However, the treatment given is not correct and the way Sushant Shelar is shown holding the guitar at the start of the song, appears insane. The casual approach and poor direction is clearly seen. Songs are sung by Swapnil Bandodkar, Vaishali Made and Vaishali Samant. The music is given by Ashok Vayangankar and lyrics are written by Arun Kulkarni. Vaishali Samant and Vaishali Made have sung one song each in the movie.

Garbh becomes one of those films, wherein the dramatic tension doesn’t hold in. There are too many tangential things happening, removing the focus from Kavita. It is far from entertaining and one can easily guess the end. It is a subject that deserves a great deal of attention, but not in this way.