Family Katta Review – Emotional, Heartwarming and Eye-opening


Family Katta is theatrical adaption of Marathi play ‘Celebration’ written by same writer Prashant Dalvi. Family Katta takes place over the duration of only two days. This limits the viewers cinematic experience which is overcome to some extent by Mahesh Limaye’s cinematography and presence of strong star cast. Also credit goes to director Chandrakant Kulkarni for making the film pleasurable to watch.

On the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, Madhukar Sabnis (Dilip Prabhavalkar) and Malati (Vandana Gupte) call the entire family home to celebrate. They have four children out of which three sons (Kiran Karmarkar, Sanjay Khapre, Sachin Deshpande) are living separately with their families. Their fourth child Manju (Sai Tamhankar) ran away with her non-Maharashtra lover during her college days. Manju has not been forgiven by her father. Madhukar’s grand children (Alok Rajwade & Gauri Nalawade) too are attending the family get together. What happens next is a heartwarming and eye-opening experience.

First half is more watchable than the second half. The first half focuses on the little treasures of human life. Whereas second half shows differences in the relationship. Overall impact is very emotional and heartwarming.

Negative points about Family Katta is that most of the film revolves around single location. Also story is adapted from Marathi play ‘Celebration’ and there is a limited scope for cinematic experience. Second half is filled with quarrels and dubious behaviour of some characters.

Director Chandrakant Kulkarni makes the film pleasurable to watch. Dilip Prabhavalkar’s touchy but sensible father and Vandana Gupte’s performance as a challenging mother is superb. Alok Rajwade is a promising star. Two daughter-in-laws (Pratiksha Lonkar & Sulekha Talwalkar) brings some humour. Family Katta has a wonderful set of actors with sensible acting style.

Family Katta is emotional, heartwarming and eye-opening experience. Presence of strong star cast and director Chandrakant Kulkarni’s sensible story telling makes the film pleasurable to watch.

Family Katta Review – Emotional, Heartwarming and Eye-opening