We didn’t lip-sync, clarify Ajay-Atul

We didn't lip-sync, clarify Ajay-Atul
We didn't lip-sync, clarify Ajay-Atul

A few days ago, the celebrated musician duo Ajay-Atul performed in Aurangabad, but on next day news of Ajay-Atul having lip-synced during the performance emerged.

Atul clears the air surrounding the issue. He says, “Let’s get straight to it; we did not lip-sync. People should understand that we perform with almost 120 musicians and technicians. Why would we get such a big entourage to a city and lip-sync to songs? If we really wanted to, we would’ve made a CD of the songs and come without the musicians; just me and Ajay.”

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“Isn’t it worth pondering upon that if we really lip-synced, when we went into the crowd and sang with them, wouldn’t they have noticed it,” asks Atul. Also, none of the original singers of the songs they performed to were at the event, so lip-syncing was out of question. “If a different singer sang the track, how on earth did his vocals match the original singer’s? The truth is that we performed live and the audience enjoyed. But if we are still doubted, after all these years of earning appreciation and the love of listeners, there’s nothing more hurtful than this,” concludes Atul.