Box Office Battle This Week – Baapjanma and Zindagi Virat

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This week’s two releases are Baapjanma and Zindagi Virat. Baapjanma is releasing in 113 screens and Zindagi Virat in 47 sceens in Mumbai circuit.

Nipun Dharmadhikari’s debut film, Baapjanma, talks about a serious subject in a lighter vein. As the name Baapjanma suggests this film is about a father. His relationship with his kids and his desperate attempts to connect with his son and daughter.

Zindagi Virat is a story of son who is still coming to terms with his father’s demise when his father’s ghost starts haunting him with a strange request- that of celebrating its birthday.

Marathi film Ghuma is also releasing this week in just 16 screens, thanks to Shiv Sena. ‘Ghuma‘ is based on important social issue faced by Marathi schools in rural areas, where English medium schools are making inroads. As a result, the attendance in these Marathi schools is coming down and some of the schools are on the verge of closure.

All the films will enjoy a separate section of audiences. It is interesting to see which movie will enjoy a higher first day box office collection in the clash.